It’s time to do something about disability awareness

It’s time to do something about disability awareness

More than 1.3 million people in NSW have a disability.

That’s one in five people living with some form of limitation, restriction or impairment that restricts their everyday activities and has lasted (or is likely to last) for at least 6 months.

People with disability, including children, have the same human rights as everyone else: freedom, respect, equality, and dignity. And yet there is widespread misunderstanding throughout our community about what disability is and the diverse ways it impacts people’s lives.

Why disability awareness matters

Disability comes in a huge range of forms, including physical, intellectual, mental, sensory, neurological and immunological. It can be present from birth or acquired from accident, illness or age. Some disabilities may be permanent, some temporary.

A staggering 90% of disabilities are not visible. Some have minimal impact on a person’s abilities, while others have a substantial impact on every aspect of their lives.

While the majority of people within our society still view disability as something exceptional (an issue explored in this funny and enlightening Ted talk by comedian and journalist Stella Young), the fact is that people with disability are:

  • colleagues in our workplaces
  • customers and clients of services, including community, medical and dental services
  • customers of businesses, including retail, travel, beauty, cafes and tradespeople
  • students in our places of education, from preschool to higher education
  • associates in our social and sports

We meet people with disabilities everywhere we go, every day of our lives – and it’s up to everyone in our community to ensure we have the skills, awareness and confidence we need to make sure people with all forms of disability are fully included.

Disability awareness training for all

With this in mind, Training Alliance set out to develop a comprehensive disability awareness and inclusion program suitable for everyone.

The new course, DisabilityAware, has just been launched as a convenient online module that can be accessed from any computer, at any time. It’s engaging, interactive and extremely informative, packed with highly-relevant, up-to-the-minute information specifically developed by disability professionals.

The program covers a wide range of essential topics designed to build skills, understanding, and confidence, including:

  • disability and diversity
  • the rights of people with disability
  • different causes and types of disability
  • communication tips and techniques
  • stereotypes and misconceptions
  • strategies to help you feel confident to work inclusively with people with disability.

Creating inclusive communities – together

The course is an essential resource for disability and community organisations, offering a simple and cost-effective route to building the skills and confidence of staff members and volunteers who work directly with people with disability.

But it’s the wider applications of the program that are truly exciting.

From teachers to employers, colleagues to students, people of all ages, professions and sectors can now access a comprehensive, professional resource that will enhance their awareness and understanding of disability – so we can all play an active part in creating fully inclusive communities.

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