Our Special Ingredient

Our  Special Ingredient in Allied Health Training

Every day, we’re discovering new and better ways to support people with a disability. Even small advances can have a major impact on the well being of people living with a complex condition like cerebral palsy.

As an allied health professional it’s vital that you continually develop your skills and keep up to date so you can give your clients the best possible treatment. What’s more, with the roll-out of the NDIS, competition within the Australian allied health sector is becoming ever fiercer, with fee-paying clients naturally seeking out the most highly skilled therapists.

Professional development is a major investment at all stages of your career and of course, you want to be sure you’re getting the best possible outcome. So whether you’re an experienced professional or are just starting out your career, what you need is high-quality, evidence-based training that incorporates the very latest developments in treatment, interventions and best practice.

Why turn to Training Alliance?

We’re very proud to have a reputation for delivering training of exceptional quality, suitable for anyone working in the disability sector. And why is our training so highly regarded?

  • All our courses are developed by skilled clinicians who are subject experts in their field.
  • We keep all our courses up to date in line with changes in legislation and best practice.
  • All our training content is informed by the best available research into interventions, therapies and practices.

Our special ingredient

As part of Cerebral Palsy Alliance, we can incorporate something really special into our training – research. One of the main reasons our training has such credibility is our close relationship with the Cerebral Palsy Alliance Research Institute, whose work provides all our courses with an exceptional foundation.

Head of Research Professor Iona Novak, explains that as well as conducting new studies, she and her team play a crucial role in evaluating material published by others, and making recommendations about interventions and treatments based on their findings.

Of course, as an allied health professional you don’t just need to know whether a treatment or therapy is effective – you need clear guidance on the most effective way to implement it, how best to assess the outcomes, and whether any external circumstances have been shown to influence its success. Iona and her team examine the research to provide this information.  Our subject matter experts then develop or adjust the content of our courses based on their recommendations.

Of course, best practice is constantly changing, as knowledge develops and procedures are refined to create better outcomes – which is why we work so closely with the team to keep all our training materials up to date with the very latest evidence.

Specialised training for any stage of your career

As part of Cerebral Palsy Alliance, we are experts in the provision of support and services for children and adults with disability. We combine this deep practical knowledge with the research findings to provide specialist training suitable for everyone from students to experienced allied health professionals.

Our training includes our award-winning Disability Dynamic online course, which supports allied health, students and disability professionals to learn more about disability and services available within the disability sector. We also offer short courses covering a variety of specialist skill areas for occupational therapists, speech pathologists, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, psychologists and social workers.